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Our Story

Open Minds is a work of love, dedicated to all students who deserve to be educated in a safe, comfortable environment with intelligent, emotionally-aware teachers, cognizant of their strengths, vulnerabilities and potential. "Our job is not to prepare students for something, it’s to help students prepare themselves for anything." Our goal is to make learning enjoyable, interesting and interactive allowing each child the opportunity to think, question and express themselves as they explore the world around them. We aim to create entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders who will use their academic excellence

to create a better world. We offer 100% online tuition for private candidates from Preschool to Form 5.

Our Angie's Angels program, encourage our students to lend a helping hand to needy citizens and communities.  Angie's Angels will recommend projects in their respective communities that require support and together, we will choose those we can work on, as we strive to make our communities better. We look forward to partnering with government, NGOs and private citizens as we reach out to communities in need. We believe in the philosophy that suggests "when you get to the top floor, it is your moral duty to send the elevator back down for the next person, " and so we teach our students to be thy brothers' keepers.  

Our Balanced Minds program offers yoga and mindfulness, and gaming. Our balanced minds activities encourages physical, mental and emotional well-being aimed at molding a healthy, happy, balanced individual capable of sound judgement, love and compassion. These activities form good habits and build skills required to face the challenges of life. We encourage parents to join us on these fun activities.

Our Skilled Minds program introduces students to relevant, life, business and entrepreneurial skills such as dance, chef & catering skills, photography, Web page design, hydroponics. Our full-time students will have access to skilled courses designed to help them kick off small businesses with friends and family as their first clients, as they build the confidence to master their preferred skill. 

Open Minds students will graduate as well-rounded young adults, capable of choosing multiple paths to success. Their skills and academic accomplishments will color an attractive resume for future employers and university admissions but more importantly, our students will be taught to believe in themselves.    

Open Minds Education is the legacy of its founder, Mrs. Prya Maharaj, whose sincere desire is to make the world a better place by giving students the opportunity to "become the change they wish to see." At Open Minds, our students get the opportunity that we never got! As independent, critical thinkers, skilled in many 21st-century relevant knowledge areas, Open Minds graduates who learn today, will lead tomorrow. Our hope for them, is that they become the best versions of themselves. We, the management and staff of Open Minds, offer you, the future of education-Learn today, Lead tomorrow!

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” -Albert Einstein

Prya Maharaj

Founder- Open Minds Education

Online Class


Nurturing Minds to a world of endless possibilities, founded on an unconditional love for learning, profound respect for humanity and an innate desire to make the world a better place


To put heart at the center of mind, where teaching is the heart at work, igniting souls...

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